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HTML5 Games >Egypt Stone War

Egypt Stone War

Egypt Stone War


War is between Egyptian Pharaoh and evil mummies.Drag your catapult and throw stones with force towards mummies and destroy all of them.

After 5 point you get shield button which can be activated for few seconds

Game is developed in a way it starts easy then medium and gets difficult when there are 3 mummies at one time.So its addictive one.
Start throwing stones.

This game is build by Construct 2 (.capx File Included) Drag catapult and release to throw stones

Egypt stone war - Move over the flash arcade games and enjoy html5 android game

Egypt stone war is the latest html5 android game which is entertaining people. Egypt stone war game gives you the opportunity to play as a warrior against the mummies. The game is set up in Egypt and as a consequence, the background is a beautiful desert with a blue sky. This html5 android game is highly sought by game portal owner. All you gotta do is to pull the catapult and release the stone. Sounds simple? Well, it is simple and interesting but you will take a while to perfect the art of throwing the stone. The sound of rock hitting the substances keep the adrenaline level high and takes you to the peak of excitement. Play this new html5 android game and offload all your stress.


You need to keep on throwing the stone without a delay. As it happens in the war, you wink and you are dead similarly you need to keep on throwing the ball to protect yourself and kill the enemy to stay alive. You also need to adjust the intensity of the throw as per the height and distance of the enemy. At times you also need to defuse the stone that is hurled at you. You don't need to download this html5 android game, unlike the flash games. You need to be careful while dragging the catapult. The longer you drag the catapult, the longer the distance stone will travel. Most of the stones thrown by the mummies are targeted at you, similarly, your stones have to be targeted at mummies. Acquire this html5 android game for your portal.


As a warrior, you get three heads. If you are hit by the stone once or twice, you will still be alive but if the stone hits you for the third time then you are dead. If you score well in the game then you get the temporary shield to protect yourself. Once you activate the shield then you will get few moments of protection. You even get additional head if you score well in the game. As this is an html5 android game so it can be played on browsers.

As the game progresses, the toughness increases as well

The toughness of the game increases as you keep on playing the game. Initially only one mummy comes to fight with you but later on, more than one mummy comes to fight you. Later on even a mummy comes on a big mounted vehicle. More you will play this html5 android game, more features you will discover about this game.

Supported Devices

All web browsers on desktop and mobile



Click the left mouse button and drag as per the requirement and then release the button


On mobile devices, just swipe and release the catapult.


-Good thumping sound
-Scenic desert background
-Fun to master art of catapulting
-Reward for killing the mummies
- HTML 5
- Cocoonio + Ads Supported
- Admob Ads Integrated
- Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
- Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source)
- Easy export to Android & iOS
- Touch Controls


Technical Details

DeveloperFreak X Apps

Source FilesConstruct 2

Last Update30th January, 2018

Created30th January, 2018

High ResolutionYes

Comp. BrowsersIE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari Opera, Chrome, Edge

Contact Details

For any query regarding game email at
[email protected]


Rolling Panda $20

Source Files : Construct 2

Knights Diamond $29

Source Files : Construct 2