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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any support will be provided after buying the game?

Yes, You get 8 months of support from buying date.

What is Regular License?

In Regular License you can use game in a single end product and the end users cant be charged for.To charge the end user please buy extended license.

What is Extended License? From Where can i buy that?

In Extended license you can charge the end user. For buying extended license please contact.

Do i get future updates of games that i purchased?

Yes, You will be notified via email or browser notification (If subscribed) as soon any specific game gets a update.

How can i get the support?

You can use Support – Ticket System to get support for any game

Is it allowed to modify the game that I purchased?

Yes. You can customize the bought game to fit the needs of your end product.

Do i need to pay for additional customisation or reskinning of game?

Yes.We do customization and we charge according to the development of game. Please use contact  or support page for request.

What does non-exclusive mean?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the game. Others will also be licensing and using the same game.

What does exclusive mean?

Exclusive means that you are the only person with access to the game and you have the right to modify, sell or use the specific game as per your need.

Is it possible to compile html5 game to Android/iOs?

Yes. you can use cocoon/intel xdk to compile html5 games to android/iOs. We provide the same service (paid)

Can i get a refund after purchase?

No, For now there are no refunds on digital products once you have downloaded them on your system.

Can i sell the game to anyone?

No, you cannot sell the game until you have bought the exclusive game.