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Best Codeless Game Engines that Can Help You to Make Games Without Coding

If you are a game development company/game studio or individual game devs, chances are that your team must be using the traditional way of creating games, i.e, by writing loads of code. But did you know that the recent innovations in game development now allow game developers to make games without coding? Yes, you read […]

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white label game portal to help businesses to increase user engagement and user retention

How White Label Game Portal is Helpful for Businesses? 

Have you ever wondered why your platform or website isn’t getting the user footfall it deserves, even after spending so much on it? The answer to your problem may lie in something called a White Label Game Portal.  Entrepreneurs often try to tackle this problem with DIY solutions, but in most cases, it ends up […]

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10 Indian Real Money Gaming Apps That Pay You Real Money in 2020

Games have consistently been one of the best stress-busters of all time due to their availability on several devices such as smartphones, consoles, and computers. A lot of people play games on their smartphones to kill time during their commute or just out of their hobby. The recent improvements in the game development industry have […]

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HTML5 games for Websites and Messenger

Fun HTML5 Games for Websites and Messenger

Have you ever felt the urge to play games but didn’t have any of your favorite games installed? In case you didn’t know, there are a ton of websites that have fun html5 games that are ready to play. With the latest and trending games to the retro classics, there are several games you can […]

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How to make money with HTML5 games?

How to Make Money With HTML5 Games?

You probably have heard a lot about indie game developers earning an insane amount of money from their games. In this article, we will dissect this statement and focus on HTML5 games and how you can make money off it. It is a lot easy than some might think, but the amount of work that […]

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A Complete Guide On How to Make HTML5 Games?

Are you thinking of developing a cross-platform game that works in a web browser? Well, for starter, this is a good idea as the flash was dumped by both Android and iOS. HTML5 is your only option as it is developer-friendly, and you can bring your creative thought on a web page easily. In this […]

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HTML5 Game Development

 Tips for Getting Started With HTML5 Game Development

Majority of Online Games are developed using HTML5 alone. So, if you are thinking of building a game, you need to learn HTML5 Game Development. As vast as the Internet is, you can easily get lost and get yourself enrolled in a course which has no benefit to you. Hence, we have prepared a detailed […]

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html5 games

Html5 Games

Why HTML5 Games HTML5  Games has made its name in the application development space. It is quickly becoming the preferred web technology among game developers. Over the last few years, the technology has grown to be a favorite in the gaming industry. What is HTML5? HTML5 is a markup language used to format and present […]

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html5 games online

Forget About Downloading The Games, Play HTML5 Games Online

HTML5 Games Online HTML5 Games Online is an application for multiple games that can be played on devices without the need for Flash. For players, there is a plus side to buying and playing HTML5 mobile games includes no plug-in like Flash, which saves space on the device, and the ability to have the game […]

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new html5 games

The Super Engaging and Addictive New HTML5 Games

New HTML5 Games Want to play the new html5 games on the mobile phones? Move on to the new arena of HTML5 games. Play the highly engaging html5 games which don’t require a flash plug-in. ● HTML5 games are supported by all the latest browsers. ● One doesn’t have to take the pains of installing […]

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