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What we do

About Us

With couple of developers and game artist we started the journey of “Freak X Apps" From March 2015.


Projects Completed


Happy Clients

We have a small team of passionate people working with us and trying to do some good in gaming.

We have expertise in html5 games development.We work on some specific 2D gaming engine. Apart from html5 games we compile our games to android and iOs version also.

Our Vision is to create more and more addictive yet simple games and satisfy our clients at best way possible in gaming stream.

We Reside in Delhi, India but we do jobs for our clients from all over world. If looking to make a good HTML5 game. Feel free to contact us anytime. Although we sell some games from our portfolio if interested you can ask for that too.

Dont hesitate to ask any questions. We would love to help


Game Ideas


Team Members