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HTML5 Games With Source Code

HTML5 Games Source Code HTML5 games source code mean that you no longer have to choose between playing games either only on your PC, or only on your phone or tablet. HTML5 games enable you to play the same games across different platforms – meaning you can play on whatever you like, from wherever you […]

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html5 game licensing

Html5 Game Licensing

Html5 Game Licensing Html5 game licensing are applications that are able to be played on devices without the use of Flash. All gamers have different preferences, but there are plenty of benefits to buying and playing HTML5 games. They don’t require the use of a plug-in, which saves hassle and space on your computer. A further […]

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Compile Construct 2 HTML5 game to Android Using Cocoon Cloud Compiler

Compile Construct 2 HTML5 game to Android Using Cocoon Cloud Compiler HTML5 is the future of online games development. Apart from running on browsers you can compile html5 games to android and publish the same to play store and earn some good money. I get lot on enquiries from my clients that how can they […]

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Construct 2 games

Its fun Making HTML5 Games on Construct 2

Construct 2 Games – It’s Really Amazing Making It On HTML5 Construct 2 Games are fun browser games that allow many people to be entertained for hours. Their entertainment is a gift given to them by the people who take the time to program the games. Therefore, the way that the HTML5 programmers develop their games […]

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Buy Html5 Games Source Code

Why HTML5 Game Technology is Better Than Flash Games

Buy Html5 Games Source Code For many tech-experts, buy html5 games source code is the future. Predominantly Flash gaming portals (Minicip, Zapak, etc.) are now adding HTML5 games—an implicit acknowledgement that Flash is a thing of the past. Unlike Flash games, HTML5 games make no excessive demands on a mobile device.Say you’re trying to play a […]

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