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Looking For HTML5 Games?

Some premium games from our catalogue. All games can be played on devices which support the browser

Cricket World Cup


Piggy Night


Pingu & Friends


Santa or Thief?


Santa Ski


Crazy Balls


Hit The Glow


Jumpy Kangaroo


About Our Games

Apart from in-house games, we provide custom game development service also

Premium Games

It’s our passion to make games and when you love your work end product will be awesome!

Better Prices

We are not going to charge you a fortune for a game like other developers. Our non-exclusive license cost is around $40-$250. Yeah, that’s it.


Looking for action, arcade, puzzle or racing? We got you covered we have made games from all genres and at this time still making more.

Cross Platforms

Want to release games on Android or iOs store? Its easy peasy we can compile our HTML5 games for other platforms

Messenger Games

Messenger games are on trend these days. Our games are compatible with all messenger platforms like instant games, telegram bot, line and more.

Custom Development

Need some customization in games, a game from scratch or reskin an existing HTML5 game. We are here for you

Our Games Live On

We provide white-label games no branding or ads.

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    You probably have heard a lot about indie game developers earning an insane amount of money from their games. In this article, we will dissect this statement and focus on HTML5 games…..

    Are you thinking of developing a cross-platform game that works in a web browser? Well, for starter, this is a good idea as the flash was dumped by both Android and iOS. HTML5 is your only option…

    Majority of Online Games are developed using HTML5 alone. So, if you are thinking of building a game, you need to learn HTML5 Game Development. As vast as the Internet is, you can easily get lost and get….

    About HTML5 Development | HTML5 Games

    HTML5 games are applications that are able to be played on devices without the use of Flash. All gamers have different preferences, but there are plenty of benefits to buying and playing HTML5 mobile games. They don’t require the use of a plug-in, which saves hassle and space on your computer. A further space-saver is that the game does not have to be installed on the device in order to play it. These games have good multiplayer potential, and they can often be played on either PC or mobile. Flash is all fine and good, but it’s only reliable when using your own personal computer. As you might imagine, this cuts way down on versatility. Flash probably isn’t going away anytime soon, but it seems safe to say that we can expect the upswing in HTML5 games to continue. Because it’s still a growing segment of the gaming sphere, not every platform is conducive for HTML5 games. Our expertise in HTML5 games development and 2D gaming engines really sets us apart from the rest. It is an quick and reasonable way to get games for those users who wants to play